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Welcome to Dia Splits!

We specialize in Love Live merchandise

Straps and stands

These are every collectors bread and butter, especially ITA baggers. We always have new items coming and going be sure to have a look!

Special Orders

Special orders are usually hard to get exclusives that are normally not sold in the US be sure to check them out quick orders are limited!

Used Items

Items in this category are used, but would still look great in any collection! Used items are a great way to buy items on a budget.

If you’d like to see our in stock products head over to our Ebay page

Feel free to contact us about large orders!

fastest responses via insta – @dia.splits

We are a small business and value and appreciate all our customers!

If you ever need assistance or have questions please reach out! Thank you.

About Us

Hello! We specialize doing japanese importing to the US to bring you affordable quality products.

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  • dia.splits@gmail.com
  • 814-218-7170

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